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IChing perspective: Where is this trade war going?

Updated: May 28, 2020

The trade war between China and the US is a hot topic if you follow the news channel these days. I have also written two articles relating to this topic on Linkedln "Where is this US-China trade war going?" and "Commentary: US Tariff on Chinese Imports".

I have derived two hexagrams relating to China (山火賁) and US (艮為山) in 2019. Both are looking to dominate (世:官鬼爻) in some directions in 2019. However, their desired outcome is different. The readings indicate that the US hopes to benefit in future (應:子孙爻) and China hope to achieve partnership (應:兄弟爻). There are subtle differences in these desired outcomes. US seems to be motivated into having a more significant share of their dealings, including the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). On the other hand, China intends to work with local ventures into expanding oversea.



If viewed broadly, both countries are looking forward to outdo one another in terms on economically. US is aware that their economic position when BRI is in full operation and may place China in the front seat of the world. These may shine some light in Trump victory in the presidential election in 2016. Trump, as an accomplished businessman, can lead the US to a better deal with China.

In my reading also indicates, there are only more signs of deal in Spring 2020 between Feb to Apr period as earth element from both the hexagram is weakened. It does not indicate who has the upper hand. But it may be the result of the mutual collaboration of technological exchange and/ or academic purposes and more partnership with ventures from both countries.

When I compare both hexagrams with the readings on 1 Sep 2019 when the tariff will happen, it shows that in this period, both sides will suffer some losses and chances of recession will occur if cooling measures are not implemented promptly. It also proves in the month of Apr 2020 (Spring period in my previous reading) that deal may happen.

IChing readings can be varied, especially when the indication is read over a more extended period. It should be interpreted broadly and align with the situation. It is not a substitution of any methods or a prophecy. It is a philosophy of how the issues are handled and lead to possible analytical deduction.

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