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Unlock the Truth Behind the '六沖' Conflict in Chinese Zodiac and Find Happier Marriages!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

As a feng shui master (風水師), I have encountered many clients who are concerned about the supposed conflict (六沖) in the Chinese zodiac (十二生肖). This belief that a six-year age gap between partners leads to an unstable and unhappy marriage has been circulating for ages. But is there any truth to it? Let's dive into the topic and uncover the myths and facts.

What is the "六沖" Conflict?

The conflict is a belief in the Chinese zodiac that certain zodiac animals are not compatible with each other, resulting in an unhappy marriage. The six zodiac pairs that are believed to be conflicting are Rat and Horse (鼠馬沖), Ox and Sheep (牛羊沖), Tiger and Monkey (虎猴沖), Rabbit and Rooster (兔雞沖), Dragon and Dog (龍狗沖), and Snake and Pig (蛇豬沖).

Debunking the Myth: 揭開迷思

While the conflict may challenge some couples, it is not an absolute truth. It is not a definitive factor in determining the happiness of a marriage with an age difference. As a feng shui master (風水師), I have seen couples with conflict zodiac signs who are living harmoniously together, despite the supposed conflicts. These couples can maintain a happy and stable marriage by being cautious and attentive to each other's needs, avoiding conflicts, and tolerating each other's shortcomings.

Resolving the Conflict: 解決衝突

There are also ways to resolve the conflict (六沖). One solution is to have a baby with a zodiac sign that is harmonious with both partners. With the arrival of a harmonious zodiac sign, the couple can resolve their conflicts and live happily together. This is a popular feng shui remedy (風水妙招), which can help bring balance to the relationship and create a peaceful home.

If you are experiencing challenges in your marriage due to the conflict (六沖), don't worry! As a feng shui master (風水師), I can help you resolve your differences and live happily together. Let's work together to balance your relationship and create a harmonious home. Contact me today to learn more.


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