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Life Master in your Bazi Birth Chart

The Life Master is a referential point that represents your real nature.

The better you know your Life Master, the better your life will be, because it represents your essence, your real nature, and it is your original spirit. If you know what kind of energy fills you, who you are, what is the purpose of your life, where to find support, and how to be useful to the World, you will support your deepest needs and calm your intense yearnings.

When you wake up your lulled virtues that are traits of your Day Master, you can exceed some limitations in your life. The Day Master is a diamond that requires sharpening to get brilliant. When you achieve goals, which are harmonious with your Day Master, you will bring a genuine pleasure to your life. Being at peace with yourself will radiate your inner pleasure and perfection. This is the way to continual satisfaction.

Activate the virtues of your Day Master and fulfil the destiny of your soul and get the key to true happiness and a better life.

There are ten Life Masters:

  • 甲 – Yang Wood

  • 乙 – Yin Wood

  • 丙 – Yang Fire

  • 丁 – Yin Fire

  • 戊 – Yang Earth

  • 己 – Yin Earth

  • 庚 – Yang Metal

  • 辛 – Yin Metal

  • 壬 – Yang Water

  • 癸 – Yin Water

We have broke down the complicated representation of the Life Master:

甲 – Yang Wood

This is the image of a tree. A tree with its growth gains a greater and greater view and insight of its surroundings, therefore, you like to have an overview of your surroundings, and nothing escapes you. A tree provides shade beneath itself - protection from the harsh sun, and this quality is transferred to you, as you are attentive to loved ones, supportive and protective.

A tree has an outlined growth path, and you can achieve high goals with perseverance.

A beautiful tree has a beautiful treetop. Therefore a person with a Jia day ruler has to ensure that they have a beautiful and distinctive hairstyle, that reaps success.

You are realistic, down to earth, hardworking, reliable, diligent, autonomous, and independent.

You are honest, direct, noble and considerate.

Your virtues are generosity, uprightness, benevolence, readiness to help.

Negative tendencies you have to control our anger, impulsiveness, recklessness, indiscretion.

乙 – Yin Wood

This is the image of a gentle plant like a flower, grass, vine, small bush.

You are gentle, idealistic, and cooperative. A gifted flower is a symbol of grace, generosity, and love, and you naturally exude these qualities.

Grass grows everywhere and can take up any fruitful space. Similarly, you are resourceful and know exactly what you want and how to get it, although you may give the impression of indecisiveness. You are a born crisis manager and a natural survivor, who in the most challenging circumstances, finds a way to survive. Because you are always looking for new ways of growing, you often invent new things.

Grass and flowers are more flexible than a tree. Therefore you need to take care of your suppleness and flexibility; dancing, creativity, and art make you prettier.

Wood needs sun, water, and soil to thrive and metal to form. You have a natural skill of connecting people, so you thrive in networking, sales, marketing, and in general in human relations.

Your virtues are kindness, caring, warmth, inventiveness, and durability.

Negative tendencies you have to control are calculation, manipulation, and exploitation.

丙 – Yang Fire

This is the image of an intense fire, wildfire, or sun.

The sun illuminates everything. Your original nature radiates generosity, liveliness, and passion. You are very optimistic and honest, so you can quickly drive away darkness, secrets, and grudges. The sun brings life and joy to all things, so your upbeat nature and smile invigorate and warm every person around you.

There is only one sun, therefore you are self-confident, proud, self-important, and a great leader. The sun follows the outlined cyclical Yellow route. Therefore you feel safe inside a system that offers everyday routine, so you can demonstrate your reliability and giving back.

Your virtues are openness, honesty, enthusiasm and unconditional help.

Negative tendencies you have to control are intolerance, exaggerating with emotions, impulsiveness, and dramatizing.

丁 – Yin Fire

This is the image of a candle`s flame, a fireplace, a lamp, a street lamp, a pulsating star, or the shine of a full Moon.

A fireplace is a source of heat and light. Therefore you give a feeling of safety, familiarity, and pleasantness. The original nature of fire is to illuminate. Similarly, you naturally affect others and easily enthuse, motivate, or inspire. The moon, a candle or a street lamp light the way, provide guidance, and lead to the right path. Therefore you are a natural guide and leader.

A fireplace or a light that consumes all its fuel is extinguished. Due to your serving nature, you can forget about your own needs, and are subject to burning out. Therefore, you need to take care of your health and organize resting time in order to recharge your batteries.

A candle is most noticeable and useful at night. Therefore, you are more successful in your presentations if they are organized in the evening.

Your virtues are being civilized, polite, refined, ready to help, and attention to detail.

Negative tendencies you have to control are indecisiveness, internal unrest, shyness, and persisting with unimportant things.

戊 – Yang Earth

This is the image of a mountain.

A mountain is mighty, solid, motionless and unwavering. Therefore, your original nature is distinguished by stability, reliability, honesty and loyalty.

A mountain is a hill that rises high above the surrounding area and offers the best view; therefore, you are worldly and naturally smart; you carry a simple and grounded common sense.

Mountains act as borders. Therefore you are a natural guardian and need to protect something or someone. You are trustworthy, and you do not disclose a secret, but carefully protect it.

The path up the mountain is steep, therefore, access to you is strenuous because you do not open up immediately. You do not mind being alone, as a mountain contains an entire system within itself and is self-sufficient. However, when someone has covered enough of the path, proved and demonstrated their effort, you accept this person and begin to trust them. Then you open your treasury, your inside, which is often a volcano spewing skills, knowledge of the world, opinions and emotions. The wealth you are hiding comes out only if you make an effort to dig for it.

Your virtues are stability, discretion, firmness and honesty.

Negative tendencies you have to control are stubbornness, hesitation, delay, self-sufficiency.

己 – Yin Earth

This is the image of fertile soil, humus or sand.

The ground is stable and reliable. Therefore stability and reliability are your main qualities.

Fertile soil is the basis on which everything grows. Your inner need and purpose is to coordinate, stabilize, tune, protect, raise, nourish and evolve.

When you sense that someone needs you or that you can be useful, your original nature comes to the surface, and you are the first one to offer help. This brings you inner satisfaction. Because you cannot handle stress, you should give yourself enough time to finish projects, so you will not feel rushed. It is vital for you to organize your work in peace and to finish tasks at your own thorough and reliable tempo.

You are productive, nourishing, resourceful, kindhearted and tolerant. Soil is the basis for all living things; therefore, you are devoted and loyal. All these traits are the reason that everyone naturally trusts you. Everything on earth occurs spontaneously, and by natural laws, so you have to trust the universe and the natural order and be spontaneous.

Your virtues are flexibility, obligingness, kindness and offering support.

Negative tendencies you have to control are emotional complexity, wavering and greed.

庚 – Yang Metal

This is the image of a large metal object such as an iron ore, hammer, hatchet or sword.

You are disciplined, fair, concentrated and effective. Going through life, you become a sharp and robust personality with strong momentum that leads you to success. For you, perfection is a need and responsibility a conviction. Therefore, you often find yourself in the role of a leader.

An ore is the most durable and most resilient material on earth. Therefore you are stable and resistant to impacts, which you withstand without complaining. Similar to the ore that under the blows of a blacksmith eventually becomes a useful sword, your personality forms only when you get inevitable blows in life. Such a person is accustomed to hard work.

Your symbol is a sword. Therefore you are ready to fight for justice, brotherhood and mutual assistance. You are a natural hero, distinguished by courage, determination, selflessness, loyalty, generosity and gratitude.

Remember to persist by your goals for at least five years. By doing so, you will complete a gradual process of self-formation from raw ore into a good sword that can fight for justice and implement, develop and change anything.

Your virtues are selflessness, loyalty, decisiveness and fairness.

Negative tendencies you have to control are recklessness, impatience and too much pride.

辛 – Yin Metal

This is the image of a small metal object such as a knife, scissors, or valuable jewellery.

As jewellery is an ornament of man, so your purpose is sensitive and refined, the complete opposite of roughness.

Xin - yin Metal is a crown on the emperor’s head. Therefore, you enjoy the role of a leader, and you know how to delegate work and allocate functions. As a member of the royal family, you must radiate suitability, adequacy, and elegance. You shine, when others recognize your value, and you are given a compliment or praise. You value rewards, respect, and status.

A knife is sharp, so you use "harsh" language that cuts more than a sharp sword, if you are challenged. You are an uncomfortable opponent because you have an excellent memory and can hold a grudge for a long time.

You live for justice, but you have to learn to forgive.

When something needs to be changed, when a transition or revolution needs to commence, you are the right person to take care of it. You are valued at work because you are good at finishing things or bringing them to a desired end.

Your virtues are sophistication, elegance, dignity, and justice.

Negative tendencies you have to control are stinginess, greed, manipulation, and contempt.

壬 – Yang Water

This is the image of abundant water; sea, lake or river.

The element of water symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, so you are distinguished by natural intelligence. You are extroverted, optimistic, inventive and artistic.

Water is very adaptable and adjusts to every shape. Your sociability and adaptability enable you to easily blend in with your environment and adapt to every group.

When water cannot overcome an obstacle, it only goes around it. You are resourceful, and obstacles do not stop you. Because of that, you can enjoy a carefree lifestyle.

All waters flow to a common point. Your ability to connect people is astounding.

Water is continuously circulating the Earth and supplying all life on Earth. As a water day master, you are rarely still. Water has to stay in motion, or it goes wrong. Static jobs do not satisfy you, and can even ruin you. Therefore, if you are a water day master - do not stay still. Move, even if you are on the phone, working or lecturing, because you need movement.

Your virtues are generosity, tactfulness and wisdom.

Negative tendencies you have to control are stubbornness, selfishness and mood swings.

癸 – Yin Water

This is the image of mild rain, dew, mist, cloud, brook and pond.

A gentle spring rain, dew or cloud symbolizes gentleness, kindness and childlike pleasure. Therefore these qualities make up your original nature. Rain feeds the earth, gives water to plants and all other beings. You act nurturing and obliging, and feel a strong sense of responsibility. Water is a symbol of wisdom, so you are intelligent and possess a lot of knowledge. With a gentle advising approach, you easily persuade, advise and convince. You are a natural teacher.

As a water day master, you are rarely still. Clouds, brooks and rivers have peculiar and changeable form. Therefore you need movement and change. It is hard for you to stay in one place and focus on one project. Water is continuously circulating the earth and supplying all life on earth. Water has to stay in motion, or it goes wrong. Static jobs do not satisfy you, and can even ruin you. Therefore, if you are a water day master - do not stay still. Move, even if you are on the phone, working or lecturing, because you need movement.

Your virtues are gentleness, attentiveness, kindness and honesty.

Negative tendencies you have to control are suspicion, shyness and gloominess.

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