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Moving in items

There is a lot of variation of the items to prepare for moving in. The listed items are what I deem necessary and to keep it simple. New things can be brought in advance except for clothes, pineapple and $1 coins.


· Salt

· Tea/ Coffee

· Rice

· Oil

· Rice

o Rice bucket

· Any auspicious amount starting from $8. Hong bao to bury in rice bucket.

o For Tang Yuan

· Cooking pot

· Pineapple to roll in (if you believe) (to bring in)

· 12 $1 Coins (to bring in)

Bedroom/ Study room

· 1 working equipment per person (to bring in)

o (example) Laptop/ iPad

· 1 set of working clothes (to bring in)

· 1 set of home clothes (to bring in)

· Toiletries

· New Bedsheet to use for a bed.

Things to prepare:

· Charcoal stove and items

· Feng shui items

If you have any questions, please contact me via WhatsApp +65 8721 8811 or email .

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At my practice, I use Ba Zi and Feng Shui to provide my clients with a comprehensive assessment of their lives. I take into account the unique energies of a person’s home and surroundings, as well as the energies of the environment and the person’s own destiny. With these insights, I am able to offer my clients assistance to help them reach their goals, and improve their lives.

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