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My thoughts on COVID-19

Updated: May 28, 2020

I was inspired by Bill Gates. So I decided to write my reflection on this.

What about the current crisis worries you the most? What gives you the most hope?

The real numbers are what worries me, especially in developing countries, start to show when testing kits are more abundant and affordable. More people may have died in the process. The world population will drop. There will be inbalance of population dynamic will cause a shift in the economies. Weaker countries will be affected by the decision of the powerful ones. Can we cater to this demand? Or we are just creating another gap for ourselves? Hopes in bonds became stronger through these trials—the relationship between fellow countrymen, bosses and employees, and families.

What most Singaporeans can do to help other Singaporean in this moment of crisis?

This stay at home effort that the government is base on individual volunteer effort for the sake of the community to reduce the infection rate. So we can have a new start. I think the word "normal" should be avoided in this case. When we mention ordinary, it is an expectation that we create when we imagine when the measures are lifted. We should strive for a new start. Health care workers are doing their best to improve the health of the sick. We should do our part to keep ourselves healthy and do what is necessary. We could practice more empathy and compassion to people we counter.

Is there any chance that the 18-month timeline for the development of a vaccine can be shortened?

I am not from the medical profession. But I think we need to be practical. Putting a tight timeline for vaccines can have the reverse effect. What happens if it doesn't meet the target? By making medical professionals work tirelessly to care for the sick and still do research for a vaccine. Would it eventually break our hope's morale and health too? We should not be too hung up on the timeline. Learn to cope for now. I wish I can say, let nature its course. But I am too nervous to say this because people are overly anxious about staying at home to work through their lives' problems. Some more effort should go into humanity. Organizations can direct more leads to how can the public take part in this movement. Not about giving relief can help those stay home. Give people a purpose or a mission. SIA has done it. I wonder how the people are coping with the rising tension? I feel more needs to be done.

What do you think about China’s response to the outbreak?

China is a powerful and big country. It has all the resources to make things happen. They will be the next upcoming powerhouse. Their response to the outbreak is unique to them because of their government system has been. If you compare to more liberal countries, their system cannot copy China even though their strategy to isolation has proven effective and made a difference. This solution came at a price when people lives are affected. This can only happen in a big country before things get worst and also not affecting economy generating cities. US; New York is such a case that it is too little too late. Singapore is a small country that cannot follow the China system wholesale, given its size and density. Our leaders have done what they can with a combination of testing and social isolation works, and that is all we have until we get a vaccine. Our numbers are high now, comparing to more prominent countries. However, their real numbers have not surfaced yet. The race to the end of this pandemic has not ended. It is somewhat like a marathon. China has the highest at the beginning of the pandemic. Now fallen behind and shown results in their methodology.

In your opinion, after this pandemic comes to a close, however long that maybe, what should be the first step we as a global community take so that we are better prepared for the next pandemic?

I think this pandemic exposes the weaknesses of our societies, whether it is health care, government, company, moral, and family values. People factor is critical. The way we manage the situation is essential on a personal level, family level, company level and country level. We need to bridge the gaps. We have to improve so that the next wave does not hit us badly. We will not know when the next virus will come. Communication is crucial. We have been misinformed on a few occasions. It has thrown us off guard. They are some inconsiderate people who circulate false information. Furthermore, people are responding to information base on the herd instinct rather than our common sense. We rush to supermarkets irresponsibly and cause a ripple effect. Let us practice some compassion. Compassion (taken from is sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

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