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Navigating the 12 Day Officers in the Chinese Almanac 'Tong Shu'


The Chinese Almanac 'Tong Shu' introduces us to the 12 Day Officers (建除十二神), an introductory technique for determining auspicious dates in Feng Shui and BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny practices. This method helps in identifying not just usable but particularly favourable dates. In this context, the term "officers" or "deities" does not imply any spiritual or divine connotations but is employed in both Feng Shui and BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny analyses.

These 12 Day Officers are named after the 12 different types of Qi energy that dominate the day's Qi energy body.

The concept is simple: each day of the month is regulated by a unique officer, totalling to 12 officers hence the term "12 Day Officers".

The day's officer is based on the day's branch "曰支" in the corresponding month's branch "月令". If the day's branch aligns with the month's branch, the officer of the day is termed "Establish 建 (Jian)", which means that an Establish 建 (Jian) will consistently have the same earthly branch for that specific month.

The subsequent days follow a pattern:

  1. Establish 建 (Jian)

  2. Remove 除 (Chu)

  3. Full 满 (Man)

  4. Balance 平 (Ping)

  5. Stable 定 (Ding)

  6. Initiate 执 (Zhi)

  7. Destruction 破 (Po)

  8. Danger 危 (Wei)

  9. Success 成 (Cheng)

  10. Receive 收 (Shou)

  11. Open 開 (Kai)

  12. Close 閉 (Bi)

Each of the 12 officers governs a unique form of Qi and plays a specific role. This date selection technique matches the day's Qi or officer with your planned activities.

It would be incorrect to assume that a day's Qi qualities are positive or negative. How the energy is utilised is often crucial. All days harbour positive and negative energies, except Success 成 and Destruction 破 days.

  1. Establish 建 (Jian): Traditionally, emperors prayed for bountiful harvests on this day. In contemporary terms, it's a good day to start a new job, travel for business, engage in transactions, or propose marriage, but not for the marriage ceremony itself.

  2. Remove 除 (Chu): This day is perfect for cleansing activities, symbolising the end of a relationship. It's also beneficial for clearance sales.

  3. Full 满 (Man): On this day, it is auspicious to seek abundant returns, sign agreements, and host official openings. It is also suitable for housewarming events and gatherings.

  4. Balance 平 (Ping): This day is auspicious for marriages, the commencement of construction projects, and initiating business negotiations.

  5. Stable 定 (Ding): Ideal for starting long-term projects and activities with lasting impacts, such as marriages. It is suitable for finalising long-term agreements or making permanent decisions, launching businesses, getting married, housewarming, seeking medical treatment, and starting construction.

  6. Initiate 执 (Zhi): As the name suggests, this day is perfect for new beginnings, signing agreements, and initiating new projects.

  7. Destruction 破 (Po): The day is best used for destructive activities like demolition.

  8. Danger 危 (Wei): This day holds potential dangers, and avoiding risky activities is best.

  9. Success 成 (Cheng): The most auspicious of the 12 types of days, it's perfect for marriages, proposals, business proposals, moving into a new house, and burials.

  10. Receive 收 (Shou): This day is beneficial for obtaining rewards. Use this day to start school, close deals, ask for a raise, propose marriage, and begin new jobs.

  11. Open 開 (Kai): This day is all about welcoming guests. It's suitable for housewarming, starting a new job, and assuming new roles.

  12. Close 閉 (Bi): On this day, the Qi is dormant and at its lowest. Major activities should be avoided.

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