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Placement of the Great Lion

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The lion is regarded as an auspicious beast, which provides a symbol of protection against evil and disasters. The lions come in different forms stone lions, bronze lions, pottery lions, jade lions, wooden lions, golden lions...etc. Each type of lion has different purposes, so you should pay attention to the following points when choosing.

Precautions for placement

The lions should be placed in a pair, with one male and one male as a pair. The male and female should place the male in the left position and the female in the right position. A pair of lions take care of each other. Usually, the sculptor will carve their heads to face each other, there is nothing wrong.

If one of them is damaged, a new pair of lions should be replaced immediately. Don't leave the other one in place, but only replace the damaged one, as this is easy to get fierce.

When positioning, the head of the stone lion should be outward, never inward or facing the door (more fierce). The lion's head can be used to stop the invasion of evil spirits and achieve the special effect of suppressing evil and reducing disasters.

The lion is placed inside the house, and the best lion head is facing the door outside the house, that is, the head is outward. If it is placed in the window, the lion head must face the window.

All industries that rely on eloquence to survive, such as lawyers, legislators, parliamentarians, broadcasters, salesmen, etc., can place a pair of lions in the office to help authority and make money.

Here is a picture of me transporting the lions to their new site.

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