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Practice Mindfulness of your environment

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Rearranging the furniture is a part of feng shui, but it is not the only thing required to bring prosperity and positivity into your house. Feng shui is about the flow of energy around a place. So, connecting and being mindful of your environment is more important than positioning the furniture.

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Sven 72” Sofa:

Denman Lounge Chair:

Entryway: Console Plant

- Peperomia Entryway Corner Plant

- Dragon Plant

Kitchen: Coffee Grinder -

Electric Kettle -

Living Room: Light Bulbs:

Sideboard Plant

- Chinese Money Plant Adjacent to Sideboard Plant

- Snake Plant Corner Couch Plant

- Indian Rubber Tree

Lounge Chair - Bed Room:

Dresser Plant - Devil's Ivy

Music by Chillhop:

Listen on Spotify:

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