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Tao Perspective: Is US doing another Race like the Arms Race?

It is interesting to see the US be so confident in pandemic times when many of their citizens are infected and died from the infection. 29 May 2020, it is reported to have more than 1.7 million cases and over a 100K deaths. Stock market Dow Jone Index priced above 25000 above 11000 during the great recession in 2008. Furthermore, with mounting tension with multiple countries like China and some European countries. US and China relationship has been the highlight.

In the Arms Race between the US and the Soviet Union is known as the Cold War is perhaps the most extensive and most expensive arms race in history; however, others have occurred, often with dire consequences. At that time the US is cautious over the Soviet Union quest for world dominance as they expanded their power and influence over Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union resented the US geopolitical interference and America own arms buildup.

Is this an economic powerhouse race? In the previous article in 2019 when we discussed trade tension "IChing perspective: Where is this trade war going?". Two hexagrams told the relationship between China (山火賁) and US (艮為山) in 2019. Both are looking to dominate (世:官鬼爻) in some directions in 2019.

In 2020, we examine a new set of hexagrams relationship between China and the US. Both hexagrams seek new partnership or alliance from peers; (世) self appears on peers (兄弟爻). However, there is a difference between the two hexagrams.

US attains the 澤山咸 Xian Hexagram: US expects his peers to provide; (應) outcome rests on parents (父母爻). Even though the US hopes to open its market, it is rushing to gain back lost time for economic returns. If too careless, it may cause more losses than gains. Watch for US's Autumn, markets and presidential elections.

China, on the other hand, attains 澤火革 Ge Hexagram: China intends to change or to reform. They have their sights on the future. In order to do that, China will reform and seek more alliance. A successful reform is when the right timing supported by the people. Watch for China's Winter, geopolitics influence and return of good economy.

Base on the two hexagrams, we can see the intention of the two powerful countries. One focus on the self through the help of others and the other focus on self in the future. The world is not blind who they are going to support next. Nevertheless, they have to have a strategy to switch sides. Sudden movement may displease either side.

The hexagrams also show that this year in Autumn and Winter will get more exciting.

Can you capitalize on the opportunities presented?

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