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Tao Perspective: What could happen when the New York Stock Exchange plans to reopen on May 26?

Updated: May 28, 2020

The New York Stock Exchange, which was forced by the coronavirus pandemic to shut its doors in March, will reopen the day after Memorial Day featuring a smaller contingent of traders at least for the time being.

The iconic 227-year-old Big Board plans to transition its market makers back to the trading floor on May 26, according to NYSE President Stacey Cunningham, who dropped the news in a Wall Street Journal op-ed late Thursday.

Is it good news?

Using IChing to analysis driver from 26 May 2020 9.30 pm (GMT+8):

【Reopening period:坎為水 Kan】

The hexagram is weak in summer will represent that NYSE will face significant challenges even though it supports the notion to restart the US economy. The workflow may cause some disruption in the trading process. It may incur losses to investors and companies. The success will depend on NYSE ability to respond to each danger. Cunningham said floor brokers will wear face masks and will follow strict social distancing requirements.

【Process:山雷頤 Yi】

Like so many businesses, the NYSE will learn a new way of operating in this environment. This new operation will continue even after CoVid. Traders and investors will need some time to adjust to new changes in the hardware and software aspects. The sign that maybe due to external factors may lead to the new NYSE experiences instead of internal innovation.

【Future:風水渙 Huan】

The one who leads NYSE will have an impact on its future. For now, the leader will need to gather support and resources to improve the morale of the investors.

I would observe the situation before I trade more actively. Things may go southwards and may have some surprises. Some may see this as an opportunity. But it is up to individual strategy to determine opportunity or danger.

If you have some opinions and would like to share, please email so we can have a more in-depth discussion. I would appreciate the opportunity.

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes. It is not professional advice. Please trade responsibly. Do not trade with money that you borrowed.

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