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What can you expect from this Ox year?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

This is the first post of the year. I have been busy for weeks since the pre-Chinese new year period. Finally, I can some breather to write this post to update for those who I have not met. So that we can seize the opportunities present to us as the vaccines spread more widely. I will include information on notes from my horoscope book. I have indicated pages from my book for you to follow.

Key to unlock this year: 天山遯 Escape from the 64 I-Ching. p.12

As the word mention "escape", it means to break free from confinement. In order to this, we need to plan, stay low profile and wait for the opportunities. When escaping, it is wise to preserve our strength and make all small steps successful instead of one big leap that can cause some uncertainty. When encountering difficulties, it is alright to make a tactical retreat to wait for things to smoothen before continuing.

We can further analyse the reading into two parts; 乾 Chien (upper trigram) and 艮 Gen (lower trigram) p.11.

(First half of the year) 乾 Chien presents the passing prosperity & legal matters relating to a superpower; the USA. These incidents have demonstrated some positive outcome. What we can expect to see government restrictive measures and the use of reserves.

(Second half of the year) 艮 Gen presents prosperity and may signal a slow economic recovery.

As we draw reference from the use of reserves p.13, we can foresee some issues relating to the capital market cycle. The availability of capital can hinder or expedite the business cycle. We will definitely see an injunction of government stimulus packages in the first half for the progress of the second half. Maturing debts to refinance for companies. This could lead to acquisition and merger in order to survive on the limited capital supported by the government?

Be alert on the new form of liquidity from unconventional sources like bitcoin. Evidenced by the purchase of bitcoins by various companies; Tesla. Banks will find it hard to compete with Fintech innovation as they are deep-rooted. I am expecting a more liberal form of credit market to promote more liquidity for the businesses to sustain.

My analysis for the USA p.14: Slow economic recovery. Probably due to the Covid19 consequences and trade-related issues. US can only take small steps to cope and improve their situations. Weak government support. The country is divided between the support from the Democratic and Republican Party.

My analysis for China p. 15: Slow recovery. China could only wait for the

world to recover before demands for goods and services pick up again.

Some business could not hold out any longer if they cannot stay relevant. People will lose their livelihood. Chinese government may provide more support to encourage more unity with people.

My analysis for Singapore p. 16: Singapore could play a major role in the region to produce a more stable economy. Singapore is fronting the digital banks and CoVid19 response. The government challenge is to balance the economy and society will be key to win the hearts of people. Reason and emotion will bother everyday people.

My analysis for UK p. 17: The rise and fall of power will be critical in this reading. UK continue to show signs of a weak government even after the Brexit deal. EU will have more advantage over the UK. It may signify the birth of a new leadership.

If you like to know more, you may write to me at I will be happy to have a discussion with you.

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