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What does it mean when your eyes start to twitch at different hours?

We have all gotten a case of eye-twitching at least once in our lives, if not more often. Eye-twitching is annoying and intrusive, especially when it comes around when you're in the midst of a meaningful conversation.

The Chinese have a different theory, based on the Tong Shu 通书, or Chinese Almanac. This olden day belief system not only acknowledges that eye twitches 眼跳法 may signify something, but they have further developed theories on what an eye twitch may indicate based on Eye and time.

Eye Twitching During Specific Times:

  • 11 pm – 1 am 子时:

    • Left Eye 左 :A benefactor may be on his way to see you 有贵人

    • Right Eye 右:An invitation is on its way for a party 有飲食

  • 1 am – 3 am 丑时:

    • Left Eye 左:Be aware that a worrying event may be about to occur 有憂心

    • Right Eye 右:Someone is thinking about you 有人思

  • 3 am – 5 am 寅时:

    • Left Eye 左:Expect a possible visit from a friend from afar 远人来

    • Right Eye 右:This is all good news. A happy event awaits you 喜事至

  • 5 am – 7 am 卯时:

    • Left Eye 左:A special guest is on his or her way 贵客来

    • Right Eye 右:Everything is going well 平安吉

  • 7 am – 9 am 辰時:

    • Left Eye 左:You may expect a visit from a close friend 远客来

    • Right Eye 右:Watch out! There could be a slight injury 主损害

  • 9 am – 11 am 巳时:

    • Left Eye 左:Get ready to party! 有飲食

    • Right Eye 右:Watch out! You may be in for an argument 主凶惡

  • 11 am – 1 pm 午时:

    • Left Eye 左:An invitation is on its way for a party 有飲食

    • Right Eye 右:Beware of a disaster. 有凶事

  • 1 pm – 3 pm 未时:

    • Left Eye 左:You'll be safe and sound for whatever plans lie ahead of you 主吉昌

    • Right Eye 右:A minor happy event is occurring or will occur soon. However, it's just a minor one 有小喜

  • 3 pm – 5 pm 申时:

    • Left Eye 左:You may lose money 有损财

    • Right Eye 右:Are you thinking of someone you love? 有女思

  • 5 pm – 7 pm 酉时:

    • Left Eye 左:Guests are on their way 有客来

    • Right Eye 右:Guests are on their way 远客至

  • 7 pm -9 pm 戌时:

    • Left Eye 左:More guests are on their way 有客来

    • Right Eye 右:You are on your way to a big gathering 主聚会

  • 9 pm – 11 pm 亥时:

    • Left Eye 左:Another guest is on his or her way 主客至

    • Right Eye 右:Beware of trouble in court 主官非

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