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What if U.S. President Trump fall ill in September?

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes. Take personal responsibility when understanding the implication of the article.

With a pandemic spreading in US, Trump is well over 70, and he is not wearing a mask, we had to ask. If a president becomes unfit, the Constitution’s 20th Amendment resolves this problem directly: The vice president-elect becomes president.

Presidential reputations can have some impact on the economy especially when Trump is the icon for the anti-China campaign. The relationship between presidential action and economic outcome is uncertain and hard to prove. In this pandemic, it has resulted in a recession or financial crisis from the Trump Administration way of handling a crisis. With a weakened economy, many companies are dependent on the actions of the Congress, Fed and the White House.

In my previous article "Are we overly optimistic about the US Market?", I have mentioned in June [month of the horse which clashes with the year of the rat 午 = 沖局]. I would expect more volatility in June. It is showing visible signs that the market is indeed volatile with the announcement of near-zero interest till 2022 by Federal Reserve (10 June 2020). Market will take some time to digest this new reality.

Experts also have mentioned that we might not be seeing lows like in march because we experience lockdown even if we have a second wave of the virus. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says ‘we can’t shut down the economy again. I begin to think about the next worst-case scenario that could damage the US economy further with the high unemployment rate and prolong market condition in September, the month of the rooster which forms a broken relationship with the year of the rat[ 酉 = 破局].

How about the icon of US falls ill? A country without its elected leader.

Will it be a chicken running without its head?

The timing of the cycle in August-September- October could affect the critical events such as the Republican National Convention 2020, Quarterly Economic Reports, Election campaigns. This will undoubtedly cause a significant impact on the morale of the market if Trump is sick.

Being a president of his time, the President may amount to tremendous stress. After all, he is still human. Stress at his age can have cause a toll on his health. Immunity may be weaker when the load of anxiety increases with the situation. Presidential campaign rallies may continue. Some also suggest that the pandemic situations, may worsen as the virus continues to evolve.

Why September?

Trump is born in 1946, the year of the Fire Dog 丙戌 (assuming the most accurate will be his birth year). Born in 1946 and in September 2020 may signal Trump's poor health given the harmful horoscope relationship [戌酉 = 六害]. Additionally, Biden, who is born in 1942, the year of the Water Horse 壬午 (assuming the most accurate will be his birth year too) who clashes with the year horoscope. If things happen to Biden, it might not indicate good signs in terms of market confidence. In metaphysics, Trump and Biden are not in the best of shape in terms of the Year 2020.

Besides, the pandemic is associated with the metal element gaining more strength [five element principle] which means the late summer as we approach Autumn. We can witness the pandemic situation worsen from July. We might see the decline of the US as I mentioned the last year-end when I calculated the US possess the I Ching gua 澤山咸.

Watch out for my analysis for 2021 coming out soon.

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