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What is NEXT after June?

Next month, July is the month of the goat. It will clash with the year of the Ox. It may bring about change. There is some vulnerability between countries and as well as the pandemic situation.

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned the base of the IChing reading was to escape 天山遯. There has to be some form of cautiousness. However, governments across countries have displayed some form of impatience. US and China have not reduced their tolerance with each other. I fear that the upcoming months may be more volatile. The road to recovery in the real market may prove to be slow and uncertain.


The US has to move carefully with allies and handling the international issue. However, the US government unity has not been strengthened. Even though they have taken steps to improve their pandemic situation and vaccination, the US may continue to irritate China in terms of geopolitics. Therefore, their relationship will not improve as the US seek to regain their superiority with ambition with each step forward into the end of the year.


China will continue to prove its stand as one country with Hong Kong and Taiwan. They will continue to meditate and harmonise with other countries in terms of the vaccine. China's focus on growing internally can continue to show good results. However, beyond China will continue to take time. China prosperity will overflow base on its proximity to the rest of Asia. China presence will be felt among the neighbours.


Singapore's economy will continue to stabilise. Racial sensitivity will continue to the end of the year. Our government has to balance the depth of reasonable to maintain the psyche of the people and economy.

We have to continue to maintain the issues at hand on the ground level. Any detachment can cost us in some form or another. I would like to see harmonise coexisting between the US and China before true prosperity can happen. Unfortunately, it is not going to happen this year.

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Jason Chan

Master Feng Shui Consultant

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