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Feng Shui Perspective: Why is Suntec still prospering today?

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

During the 1980s, Suntec City was the fruit of a group of 11 business tycoons led by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing. It was known as Singapore’s most significant commercial development at that time. It was completed in 1997. Many speculate that the building’s design and architecture was based on feng shui concepts.

The foundation set up in four cardinal directions. Cardinal directions are the four main points of a compass: north, south, east, and west which are also known by the first letters: N, S, E, and W. These four directions are also known as cardinal points. In feng shui terms, it is known as the direction of rat 子 located in direct north, the direction of horse 午 located in direct south, the direction of rabbit 卯 located in direct west, the direction of rooster 酉 located in direct east; four cardinal point of the horoscope 四正. It is also known as the Four big cherry blossom 四大桃花. This formation aims to attract the crowd and negates negative energy quickly as it comes.

It is perceived that the development looked like a left hand, palm facing up. The left hand was chosen because it represents yang; active, dragon instead of the right hand that represents yin; passive, tiger. The five towers representing 4 fingers and a thumb. The towers represent five elements 五行 and five values of Confucius (儒家“五常: 仁義禮智信”).

[Tower: Finger, Five values of Confucius (儒家“五常")]

  • Tower one: Index, 智 Wisdom

  • Tower two: Middle, 禮 Courtesy

  • Tower three: Ring, 仁 Benevolence

  • Tower four: Small, 義 Righteousness

  • Tower five linked with wealth fountain: Thumb, 信 Faith

Five values of Confucius (儒家“五常") inherits the Chinese value system.

  • 仁 Benevolence refers to being considerate and harmonious when dealing with another person.

  • 義 Righteousness refers to helping others when they are in trouble.

  • 禮 Courtesy refers to treating others with respect.

  • 智 Wisdom refers to perfecting daily life.

  • 信 Faith refers to the trust. In the past when there was no paper, and experience, and skills, people were simple and they believe in promises said.

Chinese also believe Five values of Confucius (儒家“五常") has some connection with seasons and health. Any imbalance of the values will reflect in illnesses and misfortunate. Some western speakers like Louise L. Hay, metaphysic lecturer, teacher, and best selling author "You can heal your life" has borrowed similar concepts to body ailments are linked with the belief system. Our mind is mighty. If we can change our outlook on things and we might solve the diseases of your body.

  • Benevolence:

Element: Wood 木

Season: Spring 四季屬春.

Body: Resonate with Liver 肝臟. It can also lead to eye-related symptoms.

Corresponding psychological state: Compassion, love, and kindness, empathy, stubborn, arrogant.

  • Righteousness:

Element: Metal 金

Season: Autumn 四季屬秋

Body: Resonate with Lungs 肺. It can have a sensitive nose.

Corresponding psychological state: Busybody, like to meddle into other people problem.

  • Courtesy

Element: Fire

Season: Summer 四季屬

Body: Resonate with Heart 心臟. Heart-related illnesses.

Corresponding psychological state: Panic, hot-tempered, nervous.

  • Wisdom

Element: Water

Season: Winter 四季屬

Body: Resonate with Kidney 腎. Ear related symptom.

Corresponding psychological state: Flexible, willing to accept criticism, fear, irritability.

  • Faith

Element: Earth

Season: All season 四季

Body: Resonate with Spleen 脾. Stomach related symptom.

Corresponding psychological state: Trustworthy, honest, careless, worries, scheming.

This left palm designed development is a feng shui masterpiece. It is built on multiple layers of feng shui philosophy supporting it. Suntec's success relies on strong 信 Faith activated by tower 5 and fountain. Earth controls water. Wealth naturally comes to this development. Suntec City properties continue to hold high value. Jan 2020, Hong Realty flipped the Suntec office floor for 26% or S$7.6m gross gain. May 2020, Tang Jialin, the father of billionaire businessman Gordon Tang, has acquired 2 million units of Suntec REIT. Suntec properties will continue to prosper.

However, I feel five values of Confucius (儒家“五常") could be arranged this arrangement which could better fit the theories explained earlier.

Jason's arrangement of the five values of Confucius (儒家“五常")

  • Tower one: Index, 仁 Benevolence (Rearranged)

  • Tower two: Middle, 禮 Courtesy

  • Tower three: Ring, 義 Righteousness (Rearranged)

  • Tower four: Small, 智 Wisdom (Rearranged)

  • Tower five linked with wealth fountain: Thumb, 信 Faith

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