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Feng Shui Perspectives in Coming Months in Market

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. We will not bear any responsibility for your own actions.

What was going to be better, could slow or reduce the positive outcomes for the rest of the year. The current events caused me to review my reading for the rest of the year to next year. Such people management will cause the whole reading to be read at a different level.

If you were to remember the IChing hexagram 天山遯, Escape, hide. One should progress slowly and carefully. Like as though you are keeping taps on danger.

This period is quite volatile because big changes are made by the government and individuals. For example, countries are releasing their CoVid restriction too drastically. Hence, there is a spike in cases. Total withdrawal of the US troops caused the Taliban quick take over.

We draw references from history:

2001 辛巳 Metal Snake

Major events: Sept 11 Terrorist Attack on World Trade Center

2021 辛丑 Metal Ox

Major events: August 26 Kabul Air killed US service members during the US withdrawal


  • Same metal year 辛

  • Horoscope share a three harmony metal relationship 三合金局

  • Airline

  • Terrorist Attack: ISIS

Hence, we take a closer look at possible market reactions in the coming months and next year. We cannot do an apple to apple comparison. But I think it is good to be more on the safeguard.

2002 壬午 Water Horse

Major events: Stock market downturn of 2002

In 2001, stock prices took a sharp downturn (some say "stock market crash" or "the Internet bubble bursting") in stock markets across the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. After recovering from lows reached following the September 11 attacks, indices slid steadily starting in March 2002, with dramatic declines in July and September leading to lows last reached in 1997 and 1998. The U.S. dollar declined steadily against the euro, reaching a 1-to-1 valuation not seen since the euro's introduction.

This downturn can be viewed as part of a larger bear market or correction that began in 2000 after a decade-long bull market had led to unusually high stock valuations, according to a report by the Cleveland Federal Reserve.

The September 11 attacks also contributed heavily to the stock market downturn, as investors became unsure about the prospect of terrorism affecting the United States economy.

As of September 24, 2002, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had lost 27% of the value it held on January 1, 2001: a total loss of 5 trillion dollars.


The experience that we can draw from 2001, the market will expect to decline. Though the contexts are different in terms of causality, the impact may be similar. The US is been put in stressful situations and the world continues to observe.

Investors may be shaken and money may move to the next best economy. In 2001, there was no country able to rival the US strong economy and there was no CoVid. Furthermore, the Virtual Jackson Hole symposium happening tonight will have a more rippling impact.

The year 2002 Water Horse is a clash between water and fire elements. The year 2022 壬寅 Water Tiger, is a growth relationship; water grows to wood. 2002 and 2022 share a three harmony fire relationship 三合火局. It may look the same but different. A growth relationship is better than a clash. There will be a good overall outlook. But please please be careful before we can reach 2022. I will do another reading when we reach 冬至 Winter Solstice Festival.

Area to look out for

  • China


China is the upcoming economic strong power that can rival the US. China was not in a position that can compete with the US in 2000s. China's management of the CoVid situation surpasses the US. Furthermore, China gained more alliances.

  • Crypto


DotCom (Technology related)

On November 1, shares in hit a low of $5.51.

On October 9 2002, the NASDAQ closes at 1114.14, having lost 78% of its value over its March 2000 peak.

There are many reasons why the dotcom bubble started. The dotcom bubble formed when investor interest in the untapped potential of Internet companies soared. Venture capitalists, looking for new ways to make money, poured millions of dollars into Internet companies, whether it looked like they were going to make money or not, to help them got to market.

Investors, as we have seen, afraid to miss out on the next big thing, or even the gains made in a single day, bought everything, whether the company had a viable business model or not.

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